Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Apple a Day...breaks our budget

Apple Picking at Eckerts...($27 in apples later)

Ryan and my sister, Tara. The funny thing is there was almost the same photo taken about 10 years ago when Tara was three or four, with Ryan holding her up to get an apple. Give it another ten years, and it could get a little awkward.)


Our friends Andrew and Laura accompanied us also!

Our trip to the Apple Orchard ended up with a total of 8 people, in 2 hours, 4 bags of apples, for about $70. It was the girls' first long awaited trip apple picking. For months Anna has been asking when it was going to be Fall so we could go pick apples. Glad the moment could finally arrive for her! Everyone left happy. Warning: homemade applesauce is going to be attempted soon.

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Taylor said...

that looks like fun the 1st pic is funny!