Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My own Handwriting

Guess what I did today?!  I made my own font! What fun!  Go to http://www.yourfonts.com. It is super easy! You just print out a grid with all of the letters on it, fill it out, scan it, and download your new font IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING! I am super excited about being able to type in my scrapbooks with my own handwriting. And let's face it...it's just fun to see a product of "you" when using Microsoft Word. Kind of like when you walk by a mirror, it's hard not to look-  You'll never use another font! {Well, at least if no one else is looking!}

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Head Hurts

I went to a homeschooling conference today. Odd isn't it? (I don't homeschool nor could I if I wanted to since my kids are only 1, 2, and 3!) Anyway, in my very OCD need for planning, I attended a homeschooling conference to do some research on schooling options for Anna in another year and a half! Because I am a conference addict (just went to Hearts at Home a few weeks ago), of course I had a great time! Ah...I just love getting a tote bag, filling it up with kleenex (you always cry at conferences), pens (several- in case you run out of ink), yummy snacks, info on all the workshops you are about to attend, and a brand new notebook- ready for all the information you are about to take in. Sick, isn't it? I know, but what can I say- is there anything better? 

This conference was a  little different for me. Very good and very informative but also very heavy for a newcomer. Usually, I go to as many workshops as I can because my perfectionism drive is so huge that I must at least attempt to conquer every possible issue that could possibly be affecting my life or in the life of someone I love. Today, however, I committed the unthinkable conference addict sin- I skipped a workshop! I had the opportunity (the room was beckoning me) but I just couldn't do it. My head was too full, swimming in a sea of possible curriculums, various philosophies, statistics, and dare I say it...phonics (my most fearsome thing to conquer if I choose to homeschool).  My head still hurts, though I have gotten a little relief from journaling about it. Lucky for my husband that he had a guys' night scheduled and hasn't been home to "hear all about it"- though I already told him that he has a date in the car tomorrow as we do errands and gets the privilege of listening and nodding at all the appropriate moments.

Things I learned: 

- My curriculum style is F-U-N- if it's not fun, I don't want to look at it (this must be my problem with phonics!)

- I need some structure and direction if I'm going to teach. I like my hand held, especially in new things.

- Colleges actually love getting applications from homeschoolers because of their reputation as great students who love learning.

- One of the easiest ways to identify if someone has dyslexia is to see if they can speak Pig Latin- isn't that awesome!? Do you know what I want to do now? I really want to ask everyone I know to speak Pig Latin just to see. 

- All children are kinestetic learners (learn by moving and doing & feeling/touching) until age 3-5 at which point the girls' can change. The boys, however,  won't change their learning style until at least the age of 7.  This means it is a good thing I have girls. I would much rather deal with lots of girly squeeling than 7 + years of wiggly boys. Unfortunately for Ryan, I think he would appreciate the rough-housing and a little less talking. 

- Whenever you need to discipline, bring God's Word into the matter. Ie. if you are dealing with disobedience, talk about what God's Word says about it.

- And last but not least, First E Free is the most confusing church to navigate around in ever! This may also have contributed to my head hurting.

Overall a great day! Thanks to my hubby who suprised me this afternoon by taking half a day off so I could stay all day! He's just awesome. 

Are you wondering if I am going to be a homeschooler? The jury is still out. We'll see what the Big Man has to say about it. But for now, I enjoyed impersonating one for the day. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

If J.J. Abrams told me to drink Kool-Aid...I just might.

J.J. Abrams, creator of Alias, has made another tv show with a cult following- LOST.  We were big fans of Alias and LOST is no different. We began watching season 1 on DVD in October and finished all 4 seasons in a matter of two months! Sadly, I even had dreams about the characters because LOST had become so much of a staple in our household. Season 5 began in January so our obsession could continue.  Because everyone that watches LOST is a fanatic (there is no where in between), we began talking to a few friends about the show. They ended up inviting themselves over to watch an episode...and that is how it all began. Now, every week, six of us gather to have dinner together, play LOST trivia (complete with prizes), and watch the new episode. Last night we invited the "Others" and had a LOST costume party.   Twelve of us crammed in our living room for all you can eat nachos, a Sawyer's Nicknames quiz, Costume contest, and of course, watching LOST. Everyone had a good time and are ready for more. Maybe our group of six will regularly turn into a group of 12- see what I mean...obsessive! Here are some photos of our party. They won't mean much to you if you don't watch LOST, but here they are anyway. 

I was the airplane that crashes on the island, complete with the airline logo, wings, and plane windows with the charactes faces peeking out.
Sara as Olivia Goodspeed (Ben's teacher, minus the rifle)
Anna and Dan as Charlotte and Daniel Faraday (he even had the leather journal to go with it!)
Group shot. (From top left) Ali as Charlie, Joe as Tom, Ryan as Hurley, Dan as Daniel, Sara as Olivia and Allen as Richard. (From bottom left) Mark as the "random red shirt guy" who always gets killed off, Aubrey as Rousseau, Anna as Charlotte, Beth as Juliet, and Bradley as Charlie (complete with sugar heroine)
Allen as Richard- with eyeliner of course!
Friends since they were babies, Joe and Ryan as Tom and Hurley

a bookmark I made with my Cricut as a prize for a Hurley Quiz with Hurley's face and lotto numbers