Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Les Fleurs

I am sick so Ryan put brightly colored daisies all over the house to cheer me. The cheap ones at the grocery store but if you know me, they are one of my very favorite bouquets because they just pop with color. So far it is working. I currently have two children whining in the background and I am looking at my flowers and am happy. I am so glad God created so many colors! What puts a smile on your face even amongst chaos?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Goodnight Moon

We were getting ready for baths and I told Anna and Naomi to go into the bathroom. Apparently they were hiding because when I arrived, this is what I found...

Then I grabbed my camera...and this is what I found ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our New Dream Home

Here is a photo of Anna and Naomi's new dollhouse. It almost has more square footage than our real house! One of their cousins, Lindsay, was so very generous and gave it to the girls. It has been her dollhouse for several years and she wanted to pass it along to Anna and Naomi since they played with it so much at the Christmas party at her house. Thanks Lindsay! Anna and Naomi LOVE it! (and it keeps them busy for hours! YEAH!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The other night I didn't go to bed until 1:30 am. We usually stay up late, but not THAT late. So I was anything but thrilled when Naomi woke up an hour ealier than normal throwing up. YUCK! Every mom has these days but can I just tell you I hate these days! I dread the thought of the whole day ahead of me with a child throwing up and two others on top of that needing to be clothed, diapered, fed, and entertained. Thankfully, Ryan was able to go into work late so he stayed home for a little while to help out and I actually got to take a shower. I put on my Superman shirt, recently bought in Metropolis, Illinois, declaring to's a good thing I have this shirt today because I'm going to need it! Later in the morning, Naomi turned a corner and was jumping and bouncing all over the living room. My mom declared Naomi not sick when she heard both Anna and Naomi singing and talking at the top of their lungs while I was on the phone with her. Then...naptime came. YEAH! All of us took really long naps. And it was a good thing because, shortly after, we left to pick up Ryan from work. We got a few blocks when I noticed the car was shaking and releasing violent noises from the back seat. I pulled over in a gas station and checked the tires. Sure enough, one of the tires was completely flat! I didn't bring my purse- I just threw my wallet in the diaper bag, but thankfully again, the cell phone happened to be in the diaper bag! Which was great (especially since I almost left the diaper bag at home). Ryan was evidently already waiting for me outside his office building, so one of his co workers had to go out on a search for him. Once found, he caught a bus to come meet us at the gas station. Meanwhile, we all got out of the carseats, cranked up the heat, and jammed to a B-Bop band for kids called The Go Fish Guys. The girls were having a blast running around inside the van. After a half hour or so, Ryan showed up to rescue us. Then we called Steve who also graciously rescued us . Steve took all of the Irwin girls home while Ryan stayed to change our tire in the freezing rain/snow mixture. So, as it turns out, I did need my Superman shirt for the day. This superwoman is glad she has such a great Superman to share life with her. (and also a great stepdad who stopped what he was doing to come help!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

A thought...

How come really good days must be followed by really bad days? I really think they should be a bit more spread out!

Our Purple People Eaters

Ever fight with your vacuum?

We have gone through numerous vacuums in a short period of time. Last year, we finally bought a more expensive one (hundred dollar range- sure, it was from walmart, but hey, when you buy something at walmart for $100, you know it has got to be expensive!) Well, it also turned out to be a lemon, or actually a lime I guess since it is bright green. But anyway, Ryan decided to vacuum the garage with it. Not so intelligent. The lime decided it had had its last squeeze. So we frequently have been borrowing my mom's fancy Rainbow vacuum and Ryan's mom's Kirby vacuum. I continued to do research on vacuums. We were tired of the search for a good vacuum and we really wanted a rainbow or a kirby, unfortunately they are $1700-$3000 more than our "expensive" vacuum! So I settled on a Dyson. They have rave reviews and retail for about $500-600. To us, this is really, really expensive. So I have been monitoring Craigslist every day for a good deal. I finally found one! So yeah...we finally have a decent vacuum (I hope!) I call it our Purple People Eater. And, by great luck, we found a mini purple eater for Anna and Naomi on craigslist the next day. So, now we are all happy vacuuming away! And as I have stated to many already, yes, I am definitely a stay at home mom. I think only those under that category would actually blog about a vacuum!

My lovely Purple People Eater...It's my favorite color!

Isn't she cute?! Anna will vacuum for a LONG time if you let her! Can't wait until she is old enough to use the big one! One of my cousins, Brendan, apparently loved vacuum cleaners when he was little. His mom would take him to the store and would purposely try and avoid the vacuum aisle. If he ended up seeing them, he would make her take the vacuums off of the shelf so he could look at them. Wow! He is fourteen (???) now and I have been informed that this eventually wore off. Bummer!