Friday, May 23, 2008

Abby, Abby, and More Abby

Okay...someone complained about me not posting any pics of Abby from the Renaissance Fair. Was I just treating her as a typical 3rd child (often ommitted accidentally!)? Of course not, I was doing her a favor! None of her photos were very becoming to put in mildly! So here are a few new ones that are definitley blog worthy! And it is only fair that she has a blog all to herself since Sunday is her FIRST birthday!!!! It's hard to believe she will be 1...and that there is no little sister to attend her birthday party! All of which I am grateful for :) Abigail is a joy. She loves to laugh and be hung upside down and other daring feats. She just started to walk and does well until she repeatedly shrieks in delight and then loses her balance. She loves to talk with her favorite words being "Night Night" and "Bye Bye". Happy Birthday Abigail! We love you!

Abby exploring her new talent

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes, We are Still Alive...and Reliving the Renaissance

I have been cameraless for now FINALLY, here are some recent pics and a more recent update on this crazy circus we call the Irwin Family!

- Our kitchen, which has been "under construction" for the past three years, is now almost complete! Pinch me, I might be dreaming. (Thanks JOE!)

- Naomi just turned two which means we now have an 11 month old and two 2 year olds! Yikes! And I do have to say we have heard the word "mine" a lot more since Naomi entered the toddler years!

- Abigail is about to turn 1 next weekend and Anna is not far after her and will be 3. We will have a 1, 2, and 3 year old! This works out well for when strangers ask their need to think about it, I just start counting!

- I am about to start a summer bible study with the girls at my Teen Mother of Preschooler's Group. I'm excited! And Kid's Club with the Afghans is coming to a close for the school year.

- Ryan is still working as a lab technician, isolating mouse DNA and other weird activities involving mice. Squeak, Squeak!

- And one last thing, something funny that Anna said (there are so many these days as she is turning into a little person who forms sentences but doesn't quite get everything yet!)- We were in the van on the way home and a man was crossing the street. Anna said "I don't like mans. (momentary pause) I like ladies." Ryan said "Hey...I am man". Anna looked disturbed and was then quiet for awhile. She is our empathetic girlie so I think she felt bad! Another quick Anna comment- Ryan's mom was showing Anna their new house. Apparently there is an old rooster coop that they are planning to convert into a clubhouse for our girls. So Grandma told Anna "This is Anna's house". Anna looked inside and went in a little bit. She came back out and said "There is poop in Anna's house."

So that is a quick are some photos of a Renaissance Fair we went to on Sunday with my mom, grandma, Steve, Tara, Emma, and our girls-

My mom got Anna a princess skirt and Anna LOVED it. It was such a joy to watch her. All throughout the day, we would be walking or looking at something and then it would dawn on her that she was wearing her princess skirt. She would immediately stop whatever she was doing and start dancing, without a care in the world. What fun to be a little girl and what a delight to witness it!

at a jousting event...unfortunately he did not make it out.

Aren't they all so cute?!

Well, I guess I will bid ye farwell until next time!