Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 Unremarkable Things About Me

I've gotten "tagged" per say. So I am now supposed to write about 6 unremarkable things about me...

So here goes-
1) I can be quite passive in some arenas (though as I get older they are seeming to be fewer and fewer of these areas!) but I do have strong opinions on certain things and not necessarily important things. For instance, I really don't like that the title of this is "6 Unremarkable things about me". I'm not sure why- it's not like I'd really like it to say "6 Remarkable things about me". But as my husband said, if I were to write about unremarkable things, it would be like how many teeth I have or something (In case you were wondering- I do still have all of them- minus my wisdom teeth).

2) I cannot stand bad customer service. I just got off the phone with a Kohl's representative trying to fix their mistake (which they can't do)! So now I am intent to tell all of you to at least never shop online at Kohls because I pretty much always have bad experiences. Though my instore purchases always seem to turn out alright. So if I receive bad customer service repeatedly I have a passion for letting them know it. I try to be kind most of the time but I do let my irritation show a bit with the employees. onto something a little positive. I need to get off of this "negative train" since the first two weren't exactly examples of seeing the glass half full!

3) As long as I am talking to someone or watching tv, I love doing "boring" officework tasks. I was just at Community Bible Study and spent 2 1/2 hours cutting out bible verses, arks, little Naaman's, Mary and Jesus', etc. while talking to a friend. I hardly noticed. The time flew by. Last night I was working on someone's baby announcements by cutting and stamping while watching "The Biggest Loser" and "NCIS" and had a great evening. Also...I even like sorting the mail! Even though my house is a clutter magnet, I don't relate well to people's whose mail just piles up- I can't imagine waiting that long to go through it because I actually enjoy it!

4) I love doing "FUN" outings. We are going to Bounce U next week "for the kids". Ha! I can't wait. It's totally an early birthday present for me!

5) I love magazines- I used to love books but now that I have three kids, magazines suit my time constraints much better. My favorites: All You, Real Simple, Reader's Digest, Creating Keepsakes, Today's Christian Woman, Family Fun.

6) Even though worship is one of the things that draws me into God's presence more than anything else, I have no musical abilities. I am completely tone deaf. It takes me FOREVER to learn the words to songs. Ryan just laughs at me and always corrects me when we are in the car and I am belting out a song, saying all of the wrong words. I just tell him, the point is singing, not actually getting it right! Of course this gets on his last nerve (everything is black and white with him, God forbid something isn't "right" or "wrong"!) This inability to learn the words may be why I tend to like worship songs that repeat the chorus frequently!!! now I am supposed to "tag" other people to blog about 6 Unremarkable things about them but I think I might change it- how about telling us "6 Weird things about you". If you really can't handle the rule change then I guess feel free to be unremarkable. So I tag: Erin, Laura (on your facebook blog???), Joe Bubenik, and Wendy & Melanie (only if you want to change the title since you have already done the unremarkable you- you really don't have to though- I just don't know anyone else with a blog!!! :) )