Friday, April 24, 2009

Chocolate Anyone?

Getting ready for Bible Study. It's a little too quiet. Smart moms would wonder. I did- for a second and then went back to what I was doing. Anna came out of her room. Licking her fingers. Brown goo all over her face and clothes. Look of horror. Anna is confused. How did she know? Mom's know everything. Smart moms and not so smart moms both know everything. And the messy face helps a little. I enter their room. Naomi and Abby look like Anna, or maybe a little worse. In the center of the room is a tub of dipping chocolate. Smarts mom put up chocolate. Not so smart mom left a closed container of old dipping chocolate next to the trashcan to go outside.  To make myself feel better I say to myself, 'well, it was in a closed (very jumbo sized by the way) ricotta cheese container. No remnants of chocolate. What kid would want Ricotta cheese?' Abby would. Abby did. I'm sure she was delighted to find that the ricotta cheese had turned rather brown and very sweet. Her sisters were happy too.  So happy that they ate the whole thing. This was a LOT of chocolate. The floor is brown. Their clothes and faces are brown. There rocking horse now has brown hair. Late for Bible Study. Smart moms and not so smart moms both love chocolate. And apparently so do their kids. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

These are the Days We Don't Want to Forget...

Cahokia Mounds (P.S. It was SO much bigger when we were little!)

uh oh...that's a lot of steps for such little legs!
Grandma, Anna, and Naomi also made it to the top

Ryan and his mom and dad

Anna and her Grandpa

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Meyers-Briggs?

We dyed easter eggs this weekend. What fun! Turns out their eggs seemed to match their personalities! 

From Left to Right-
Anna: pure, simple, and girlie-girl pink
Naomi: flamboyant, fun, and full of color
Abby: sweet with an edge, curious, and inquisitive (hence the mutilated egg)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Clooney's Macaroni

So in case you haven't heard, George Clooney is in St. Louis making a movie called Up in the Air. The whole city is a buzz with stardom and Clooney sightings. As far as I know of, they have filmed at a school in Affton, a Lutheran church in Maplewood, the Cheshire Inn in Clayton, Lambert Airport, the Schnucks on South Grand, and the Millenium Hotel.  My mom and stepdad's church hosted the cast and crew food gatherings in their fellowship hall while they were filming at the Cheshire Inn. My stepdad is the building manager so he had full access all three days they were there. We got the leftovers.  Apparently NPR has recently reported that someone from PETA contacted Clooney about using his sweat as a flavor for George Clooney Tofu.  Thankfully, Clooney declined. We didn't get tofu but we did get to eat Clooney's three day old macaroni. PETA ain't got nothing on us.  Thought about selling it on ebay but my kids were hungry.   :)