Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of Preschool

This week was our First Day of Preschool! We are doing a Preschool Co-Op once a week with a friend of ours and her son. We use the curriculum Before Five in a Row, a literature based study. We pick a book to read every week and do various activities associated with that story.

Here are some of the things we learned, along with some pics:

ABCs & London Bridges
Read Yellow Ball by Molly Bang
Played games with a yellow ball
Used watercolors for the first time to re-create the cover of Yellow Ball
Cheese and Crackers Snack in the shape of a (what else) yellow ball
Free Play
The Letter "O" and various learning games with "O"
Learning manners on how to open gifts politely, complete with a gift for everyone to practice with (what was inside? a yellow ball!)
Science lesson on Floating and Sinking. Their own yellow balls floated just like the ball in their book

watching a video about the letter "O" on our FAVORITE letters website-

We can't wait until next week when we study Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?!!! This time Ms. Sara is the teacher and Preschool is at her house. What fun we are having!

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Taylor said...

yay preschool is sooo FUN!